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Cost of treating Stroke in an Irish teaching hospital
B McGowan, A Heerey, L Tilson, M Ryan, M Barry. IMJ Sept 2003;96(8):234-236.

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Generic Drug Utilisation on the General Medical Services Scheme in 2001
Tilson L, McGowan B, Ryan M, Barry M. IMJ June 2003;96(6):176-179.

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Cost-Effectiveness of Spironolactone in Patients with Severe Heart Failure
Tilson L, McGowan B, Ryan M, Barry M. IJMS 2003;172(2):70-72.

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Decision-making by healthcare payers
M Levine, R Taylor, M Ryan, M Sculpher. Respiratory Medicine August 2002 Vol. 96 (Suppl C) S3-S10.

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