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The NCPE review team compiles an independent assessment report for the HSE Corporate Pharmaceutical Unit (HSE-CPU). This report outlines the background to the decision problem, documents the evidence submitted to the NCPE by the applicant, and presents the outcomes of the NCPE review team’s assessment of the submission and available evidence. The NCPE report highlights the strengths and weaknesses of applicant submissions in addressing the decision problem, and also highlights any relevant gaps or uncertainties in the evidence base. The report follows a structured format comprising various sections which include detailed questions under the following headings:

  1. Disease and its management
  2. Intervention under assessment
  3. Clinical evidence
  4. Decision problem and model structure
  5. Economic model inputs
  6. Results of incremental cost effectiveness analysis
  7. Budget impact analysis
  8. HTAs in other jurisdictions
  9. Timelines
  10. Conclusion


Under each of these headings, the report addresses adherence to Guidelines for Economic Evaluation of Health Technologies in Ireland, NCPE Guidelines on the Content and Format of Written Submissions, NCPE Requirements for Conducting and Reporting Clinical Evidence Synthesis Analysis and NCPE Guidelines for Inclusion of Drug Costs in Pharmacoeconomic Evaluations. The transparency of reporting in the submission, the justification of assumptions and data sources, and the conduct of the economic modelling and analysis are also assessed. A conclusion on cost effectiveness and recommendation on reimbursement are included in the final report submitted to the HSE-CPU. A summary of the report is published on the NCPE website.