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Budesonide orodispersible tablet (Jorveza®)

Budesonide orodispersible tablet (Jorveza®) is indicated for the treatment of eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) in adults (older than 18 years of age).


NCPE Assessment Process Complete
Rapid review commissioned 04/12/2018
Rapid review completed 28/01/2019
Rapid Review outcome A full HTA is recommended to assess the clinical effectiveness and cost effectiveness of budesonide orodispersible tablet compared with the current standard of care, on the basis of the proposed price relative to currently available therapies.
Full pharmacoeconomic assessment commissioned by the HSE 30/01/2019
Pre-submission consultation with Applicant 26/05/2020
Current status Awaiting HTA submission from Applicant

The company has not submitted a HTA dossier to the NCPE therefore the cost effectiveness of the technology could not be proven.