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The National Centre for Pharmacoeconomics is committed to facilitating the involvement of patients in the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) process. We believe that patients have perspectives and experiences that can uniquely contribute to the decision making process. With this in mind, the NCPE provide the Patient Organisation Submission process, to enable patient groups to communicate their experiences directly to the decision maker, the Health Services Executive (HSE).

The Patient Organisation Submission Process encourages Patient Organisations to gather information from their members for inclusion in the Patient Organisation Submission of Evidence Template. In particular, this template includes information on the day-to-day experience of living with the disease and the ways in which the new drug may improve this day-to-day experience. This information can help the HSE Drugs Committee to understand the real-world impact a new drug may have on the quality of life and daily experience of patients and carers. The HSE Drugs Committee considers the findings of the NCPE HTA report in line with other criteria as defined in the Health Act 2013


Process Overview

The NCPE have identified three key steps in the Patient Submission Process; Identification and Notification of the Patient Organisation, Submission of the Patient Organisation Submission of Evidence Template, and Notification of Outcome by the NCPE.