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Health Technology Assessment (HTA) guidelines outline the principles and methods used in assessing health technologies. The purpose of such guidelines is to promote the production of assessments that are timely, reliable, consistent and relevant to the needs of decision makers and key stakeholders inIreland. The first set of guidelines i.e. Irish Healthcare Technology Assessment Guidelines were introduced in 2000 and these have now been updated.

The updated guidelines take into account developments in pharmacoeconomics and the requirements of key stakeholders. The new guidelines produced by the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) comprise of several sections including guidance on economic evaluation, budget impact analysis, social, ethical and organisational aspects of HTA and recommended reporting formats. The guidelines were developed in consultation with the Scientific Advisory Group of the Authority.

The following is a list of HTA guidelines that have been completed to date:

Guidelines for Economic Evaluation of Health Technologies in Ireland

Guidelines for Evaluating the Clinical Effectiveness of Health Technologies in Ireland

Guidelines for the Budget Impact Analysis of Health Technologies in Ireland

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