Pre-submission meetings

The NCPE requires that a pre-submission meeting takes place with Applicants prior to making a HTA submission. The aim is to help the Applicant provide the best quality HTA submission possible, in order to avoid challenges later in the assessment process. The NCPE facilitates video-conferencing for pre-submission meetings using Zoom.

The pre-submission meeting provides an opportunity for the Applicant to meet with the NCPE Review Team prior to finalising their HTA submission. The purpose is to outline the proposed approach to the clinical and cost-effectiveness modelling, and to obtain guidance from the NCPE on what may be the most appropriate approaches to adopt.

A pre-submission meeting should be booked when the HSE-CPU commissions the NCPE to evaluate a HTA submission and the Applicant intends to submit a HTA submission.

Queries regarding arranging a pre-submission meeting should be sent to [email protected]

Yes, the NCPE has a guidance document for Applicants that is available to download here