Healthcare Professionals

How input from healthcare professionals is used by the NCPE

Healthcare professionals are important stakeholders in health technology assessment and clinical opinion often forms a key component of NCPE assessments. We receive input from healthcare professionals working across a wide range of disciplines, including doctors, pharmacists, nurses and other allied health professionals. This input can focus on a range of aspects of the assessment including:

  • Current treatment pathways for patients in Ireland
  • Expected clinical outcomes for patients in Ireland
  • The anticipated place in therapy of the drug being assessed
  • Practical aspects of patient management
  • Epidemiology of the condition in Ireland

How the process works

Following commencement of an assessment, the NCPE Review Group identifies specific topics that may benefit from input from healthcare professionals. Healthcare professionals contributing input to NCPE assessments should have advanced clinical or practical experience relevant to the issues in question. Input may be provided through face-to-face discussions between the healthcare professional and NCPE Review Group, either in-person or by virtual meetings, or through written responses to specific questions. Overall, the process typically takes around one hour. Clinical input is used in NCPE assessments to inform key aspects of the assessment including the clinical, comparative and cost effectiveness of drugs.

Declaration of interests

In the interests of transparency, the NCPE requests that any person contributing to an NCPE assessment declares relevant interests. Such interests do not necessarily preclude involvement, but should be declared to provide reassurance on the impartiality of such contributions.