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Since September 2009, in collaboration with the HSE Corporate Pharmaceutical Unit (HSE-CPU), the NCPE now consider the cost effectiveness of all new medicines following receipt of an application for reimbursement.

All medicines are subjected to a preliminary rapid review.  High cost products and those with significant budget impact will be subjected to formal pharmacoeconomic assessment.  Similarly, products where there is a query in relation to value for money will also be selected for formal pharmacoeconomic assessment.  The rapid review process takes approximately 4 weeks and the formal pharmacoeconomic assessment is completed in less than 3 months.

Following formal pharmacoeconomic assessment, a full appraisal report outlining NCPE conclusions and recommendations is sent to the HSE Corporate Pharmaceutical Unit (HSE-CPU) to support evidence-based decision-making on reimbursement.  Information on cost-effectiveness up to a threshold of €45,000/QALY is provided.  In the case of oncology drugs a report is also sent to the National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP).