Full HTA Submission Template

Full HTA Submission Template

This template, to be completed by Applicants, outlines the content and format of the written submission to the NCPE as part of a full HTA.

Version 3.0 of this document was published on 07 March 2023, and replaces Version 2.1. For those companies who have already started to prepare a full HTA submission, the previous version of the template (Version 2.1) will be acceptable until 01 July 2023.

Applicant Template v3.0

NCPE requirements for conducting and reporting clinical evidence synthesis analysis

This document outlines the NCPE requirements for the conduct and reporting of clinical evidence synthesis analyses submitted to the NCPE as part of a full pharmacoeconomic assessment. Section 3.ii) of the Applicant Template must be completed according to these requirements.

Download Requirements v1.1

Submission checklist

A checklist, confirming the inclusion of all required documents, should accompany all submissions for full pharmacoeconomic assessment.

Download Checklist v1.4

These documents may be updated periodically. Please refer to www.ncpe.ie to obtain the most recent version prior to submission.