Ambrisentan (Volibris®)

Assessment Status Full HTA Assessment
Drug Ambrisentan
Brand Volibris®
Indication For the treatment of patients with Functional Class II or III pulmonary arterial hypertension.
Assessment Process
Full submission received from Applicant 24/10/2008
NCPE assessment completed 25/02/2009

A summary of the report that was prepared by the National Centre for Pharmacoeconomics and submitted to the HSE is included in the attached document.

Technical Summary

July 2014

In accordance with the Health Act (Pricing and Supply of Medical Goods) 2013 (section 18(4)), the HSE has requested the NCPE to re-examine the cost effectiveness of ambrisentan (Volibris®).

Assessment Status Rapid Review Complete
Rapid review commissioned 27/05/2014
Rapid review completed 04/07/2014
Rapid Review outcome Full Pharmacoeconomic Evaluation not Recommended.