Ireland was a participant in EUnetHTA Joint Action 2 and Joint Action 3, and is now among a consortium of 11 countries participating in the EUnetHTA21 collaboration.


What is EUnetHTA21?

On 17 September 2021, the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) signed the Service Contract for the Provision of Joint Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Work Supporting the Continuation of EU Cooperation on HTA. The contract will run for 24 months, and until 16 September 2023. EunetHTA21 is a joint consortium of 11 European countries, building on the achievements and lessons learned from the EUnetHTA Joint Actions and focusing on supporting a future EU HTA system under the HTA Regulation. The EUnetHTA 21 joint consortium is led by ZIN (The Netherlands) and includes the following HTA agencies: AEMPS (Spain), AIFA (Italy), AIHTA (Austria), GBA (Germany), HAS (France), INFARMED (Portugal), IQWIG (Germany), KCE (Belgium), NCPE (Ireland), NIPN (Hungary), NOMA (Norway) and TLV (Sweden).


What are the objectives of EUnetHTA21?

The objectives of EUnetHTA 21 are laid out in a series of Project Plans which describe the planned work to be undertaken during the duration of the contract. The Project Plans are available here (


What are the areas of collaboration?

  • Joint Scientific Advice
  • Joint Clinical Assessments
  • Collaborative Assessments
  • Procedures and Guidelines for joint HTA


Where can I get more information?

More information on the EUnetHTA21 collaboration is available on its website, Follow EUnetHTA21 on Twitter, @EUnetHTA


Joint Reports and other outputs

The NCPE participated as authors/co-authors on the following joint clinical assessments and collaborative assessments as part of Joint Action 3.