International Horizon Scanning Initiative

What is the International Horizon Scanning Initiative (IHSI)?


The International Horizon Scanning Initiative (IHSI) is a collaboration of nine countries, representing 83 million EU citizens, with the aim of fostering collaboration on Joint Horizon Scanning. Dr Roisin Adams from the NCPE represents Ireland at IHSI, and sits on its Executive Committee and Board of Directors. IHSI is a member driven organisation.


What are the objectives of IHSI?


The Joint Horizon Scanning Database aims to promote fair and transparent pharmaceutical prices, use data to drive price reductions, mitigate the impact of disruptive innovation, and support effective budgetary policy, HTA and regulatory preparation.


What are the areas of collaboration?


  • Horizon Scanning


Where can I get more information on IHSI?


More details on the IHSI initiative are available on its website,



ECRI is the partner appointed to develop the platform with IHSI. There are two main outputs available to members:

  1. High impact Reports
  2. Database of new Pharmaceutical products in development


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