Levodopa 20mg/ml + carbidopa monohydrate 5mg intestinal gel (Duodopa®)

Assessment Status Assessment process complete
Drug Levodopa 20mg/ml + carbidopa monohydrate 5mg intestinal gel
Brand Duodopa®
Indication For the treatment of advanced levodopa-responsive Parkinson’s disease with severe motor fluctuations and hyper-/dyskinesia when available combinations of Parkinson medicinal products have not given satisfactory results. A positive test of the clinical response to Duodopa® administered via a temporary nasoduodenal tube is required before a permanent tube is inserted.
Assessment Process
Rapid review commissioned 13/03/2013
Rapid review completed 16/04/2013
Rapid review outcome Full Pharmacoeconomic Assessment Recommended.
Full pharmacoeconomic assessment commissioned by HSE 25/06/2018
Pre-submission consultation with Applicant 05/07/2018
Full submission received from Applicant 10/09/2018
Preliminary review sent to Applicant 05/12/2018
NCPE assessment re-commenced 14/01/2019
Follow-up to preliminary review sent to Applicant 30/01/2019
NCPE assessment re-commenced 15/02/2019
Factual accuracy sent to Applicant 19/03/2019
NCPE assessment re-commenced 02/04/2019
NCPE assessment completed 14/06/2019
NCPE assessment outcome The NCPE recommends that levodopa and carbidopa intestinal gel (Duodopa®) not be considered for reimbursement unless cost-effectiveness can be improved relative to existing treatments*. 

*This recommendation should be considered while also having regard to the criteria specified in the Health (Pricing and Supply of Medical Goods) Act 2013.

Technical Summary