Pegunigalsidase alfa (Elfabrio®). HTA ID: 23020

Assessment Status Rapid Review Complete
HTA ID 23020
Drug Pegunigalsidase alfa
Brand Elfabrio®
Indication Pegunigalsidase alfa (Elfabrio®) is indicated for long-term enzyme replacement therapy in adult patients with a confirmed diagnosis of Fabry disease (deficiency of alpha-galactosidase).
Assessment Process
Rapid review commissioned 19/04/2023
Rapid review completed 24/05/2023
Rapid review outcome A full HTA is not recommended. The NCPE recommends that pegunigalsiadase alfa not be considered for reimbursement at the submitted price*.

*This recommendation should be considered while also having regard to the criteria specified in the Health (Pricing and Supply of Medical Goods) Act 2013.